Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to produce a video tour?

Generally, it takes anywhere from 60-120 minutes to film and photograph the property, depending on the size of the home. If we are only shooting video, allow about 60 minutes for an average size home. Editing, production time, narration, compression, etc. take approximately 3-5 hours additional hours off site. We strive to have your photographs to you the same day, and your video tour online the next day.

What is the length of your video tours?

The length varies, but generally we try and stay between 3-7 minutes, and always under 10 minutes. The size and complexity of the home (many features & amenities, architectural details, etc) determines the final length of the video.

Will people watch a 7 minute video?

Absolutely! You will read elsewhere about the short attention span of internet users and that the suggested length of a video should be under 3 minutes. We believe that to be true for many videos online, especially the "cat in the dryer" videos found on YouTube.

When people view your video tour, they have already screened out unwanted properties, read your description, and clicked through the photos. If they bother to continue by downloading the video, they are seriously interested in your property! Consider this your first showing! Not only will they watch if from beginning to end, they will oftentimes watch it multiple times - each time looking for new things!

If we showed you a random wedding video, you probably would shut it off after a minute or so. Why? It's boring. However... if it was your daughter or son's wedding -or your wedding - you would watch it from beginning to end, right? Watching a real estate video is pretty boring for most people - it's not exactly entertaining. However, if YOU are interested in purchasing the property, it's extremely engaging!

Having produced over 4,000 video tours since even before YouTube came on the scene, we've had the opportunity to speak with hundreds of buyers, agents and sellers about their experiences. Not once has anyone mentioned having an issue with the length of the video, and many times we've been told about the dozens (and sometimes dozens and dozens of times!) that people watched the tour - over and over - literally talking themselves into buying the property!

Put yourself in the shoes of a person seriously considering the purchase of a home vs. the real estate agent or a typical web surfer entertaining themselves online, and you'll understand what we mean.

Why do video tours cost more than slideshow tours?

The time, labor and equipment involved is considerably more than what is needed for a typical virtual tour. Most slideshow tours are literally automated - it takes just minutes to upload your photos and generate a slideshow, throw some music in the background and upload it to the web.

Video tours take many hours to produce each 3-7 minute video, with editing, soundtrack, script writing and the recording of the narration. Also included is web video encoding, html coding, video compression and graphic design. In addition, we use high quality, licensed music on all tours, which generally run approximately $50+ per track. We have over $50,000 invested in our top of the line cameras, lenses, tripods, stablizers, sliders, compression software, server and computer power necessary to produce high definition video. Check on the web - most video productions for the web run $500-$2000 and up!

Can we get a DVD copy for distribution?

We no longer produce DVDs of video tours. Physical media is dying (remember Blockbuster?), and almost all new laptops and most new desktops no longer even come with a CD or DVD player. We suggest that you copy your tour onto a thumb drive (every computer has a USB port...still!)

Do I receive a copy of my video?

Absolutely! We send you the original file which you may use as you wish - burn it to a CD, upload it to additional sites, etc. We can even provide an embed code so you can embed the video directly on your website.

Can upload my video tour sites such YouTube, etc.?

Of course! Actually, we will upload a full, 1080p high definition copy of your video tour to YouTube at no charge! Although we upload your videos to our video channel for you as part of our services, we suggest that you upload them as well - it will just give you twice as many chances of having your property found on search engines! A YouTube channel is free! Our YouTube channel currently has over 2 million views!


  • All videos remain the copyright of Nashua Video Tours, and the customer relenquishes all image rights of participants and places contained in the video to Nashua Video Tours in perpetuity.
  • Nashua Video Tours may use the video in it’s entirety for promotional purposes on it’s own website.
  • Nashua Video Tours reserves the right to re-use any individual scenes, in isolation, in the making of other videos.
  • Nashua Video Tours will not re-use any complete video in it’s original form except for the specific client by whom the film was commissioned and purchased, or on our own website and promotional marketing material.
  • Nashua Video Tours licenses the use of these video tours for the promotion and sale of property for the life of the listing. If the original lsting agent loses the listing, they may sell or give their video tour to the new listing agent and we will repost under the new MLS number.

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